Three December Deals You Won’t Want to Miss

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If you love Noet freebies and classic literature, you won’t want to miss these three special offers. But hurry! They’re only good through the end of December!

1) Pick up this month’s freebie

dublinersFor the month of December, you can get James Joyce’s Dubliners for free!

A colossus of modernist fiction, James Joyce is known for his exploration of human consciousness, incorporation of mythical parallels, and intricate weaving of stark realism with esoteric symbolism.

A collection of 15 short stories, Dubliners is Joyce’s first published book. In it, Joyce takes a naturalistic look at life in Dublin at the turn of the twentieth century. Many of the characters make appearances in his later works, including Ulysses.

Pick up December’s freebie.

2) Add James Joyce’s Ulysses for only $0.99!

ulyssesConsidered the most notable novel of the twentieth century, Ulysses describes a day in the life of Leopold Bloom, an advertising canvasser in pre-war Dublin.

Throughout the story, author James Joyce explores consciousness, parodies the stylistic evolution of English literature, and draws parallels between Bloom’s adventures and those in Homer’s Odyssey.

Get both Dubliners and Ulysses now.

3) Enter to win the Harvard Fiction Collection (20 vols.)

harvardTrough the end of December, you can enter to win the Harvard Fiction Collection!

Curated by former Harvard president Charles William Eliot, this collection features essential creative works by the likes of Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and others.

Enter today—it only takes one minute!


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Mark Zuckerberg’s Reading “The Varieties of Religious Experience.” Here’s Why You Should, Too.

The Varieties of Religious Experience A Study in Human NatureFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that the newest selection for his book club is The Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study in Human Nature.

Written by philosopher William James in 1902, The Varieties of Religious Experience reflects on personal religious practices across major world religions. James meditates on how people draw upon their beliefs to find meaning and purpose in life. It’s a fascinating look at the human experience, and for the next six days, we’re giving it away for free! Hurry, this offer disappears at midnight on August 20!

Many consider William James the most influential American philosopher—and The Varieties of Religious Experience is his masterwork. Here are three major ways he shaped American philosophy and culture:

  1. He popularized pragmatism. Along with philosophers Charles Sanders Peirce and John Dewey, James founded the philosophical school of pragmatism. Pragmatism promoted the view that the success or failure of a theory or belief depends on whether or not it has a useful application. Since its founding in 1870, pragmatism has shaped the way success is measured in American school systems and public administration.
  2. He’s the father of American psychology. A Harvard professor, James was the first to teach psychology at an American university. He felt that the purpose of psychology was to find out how consciousness helps people adapt to their environment. This view is also reflected in James’ writings on religion.
  3. He influenced modern perceptions of truth. James argued that people identify what is “true” and “real” by their personal experiences. If a person finds his or her beliefs helpful and verifiable, then they are considered true. Some even say that his views on truth can be summarized in two words: “whatever works.”

Whether or not you agree with William James’ perspectives, his impact on modern culture is undeniable—making The Varieties of Religious Experience well worth reading. Plus, for the next six days you can get if for free! Download it now and read it in your free Noet app.

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Take Your Library Everywhere with the Free Noet Mobile App

Noet’s free mobile app helps you get more from history’s greatest works—even on the go. Noet syncs across all your devices, so your notes, highlights, and resources go where you go. Download the free Noet mobile app today and start connecting with the classics like never before.

Download the Noet app right now and register your account to get access to more free books. Then, start building your library at

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Enter to Win an iPad mini and Classical Studies Research Library!

Noet has partnered with Classical Wisdom Weekly to offer you the chance to win an iPad mini and Noet Classical Studies Research Library—a prize worth $1,050 (and it only takes one minute to enter!).

Noet-CWW-giveaway-blogV2The 186-volume Classical Studies Research Library offers the best way to study the classics—it pairs smart study tools with enhanced digital texts, so you can get more from history’s greatest works. Dig into Loeb Classical Library editions of Plato, Herodotus, Homer, Pliny, Augustine, Virgil, and others, and study English translations and original texts side-by side.

Explore Greek and Latin with smart tools and lexicons, take advantage of automatic citations, easily share your highlights and notes with others, and explore the text’s historical context with an interactive timeline.

Learn how you can get more from the classics with the Classical Studies Research Library now.

Enter to win!

Noet/CWW Giveaway

Get the free app for the classics

Love studying the classics? So do we. Get the smartest (and free-est) app for the classics: download the Noet app today and get access to 25 free ebooks!

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Giveaway rules:

Entry closes May 8, 2015. We’ll select and notify the winner after May 9, 2015. If you win and already own a Classical Studies Research Library, you’ll receive credit in place of the prize. The winner will be requested to fill out a W-9 in order to claim their prize. By entering the giveaway, you’re opting in to receive emails from Noet and Noet partners.

3-Day Sale! Get Equipped with Encyclopedia Britannica Noet Edition

EBNEFirst printed in 1768, Encyclopaedia Britannica quickly established itself as the gold standard for reference works, and is still a household name—with the distinction of being the longest-running English-language encyclopedia.

Now, Encyclopaedia Britannica is partnering with Noet to offer a new, digitally enhanced and downloadable edition—available exclusively from Noet.

According to Michael Ross, senior vice president of Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc., “The Noet edition is unlike anything we’ve ever done before and represents a significant step forward for Encyclopaedia Britannica. Noet offers the most advanced way to study the humanities, and Britannica offers some of the best reference articles available. Together, we’re helping students, teachers, and researchers all over the world gain greater access to the trustworthy information they need.”

Now you can pre-order Encyclopedia Britannica Noet Edition (EBNE) for 80% off! But hurry—this special introductory price only lasts three days!

See what EBNE can do for you:

Still not convinced? Here’s how EBNE makes your library even more comprehensive and connected:

  • EBNE gives you access to vast amounts of up-to-date information and media.
    • More than 25,000 images
    • 10 million words
    • 19,000 articles
  • The data and resources in your Noet library connect to EBNE’s trustworthy articles and media. EBNE’s advanced tagging connects it to your library’s primary sources, studies, dictionaries, and commentaries, providing you with the perfect jumping-off point for your research.
  • You can find the perfect image for your paper, lecture, or presentation. EBNE enhances your library with more than 20,000 photos, over 2,000 art images, 1,567 maps, 279 flags, and 689 videos. With Noet’s Media Search you can easily pinpoint the exact image you’re looking for. Use the Visual Copy feature to turn these images into slides with a simple click.
  • EBNE adds significant data to your Timeline. Jump from a date in EBNE to your Timeline in seconds. Or, search a person, place, event, or date range in the Timeline and pull together related information and media from EBNE and other resources in your library.
  • With EBNE, you know that you’re getting good information, vetted by experts. Searching the internet can sometimes feel like the Wild West (remember the time when someone accidentally updated Pliny the Elder’s bio with information about Pliny the Younger? Yikes!). EBNE is a gold standard reference work, each article written and edited by an authority in the corresponding field. Here are just a few of the distinguished scholars and experts who’ve contributed to EBNE:
    • Dr. Gary Edgerton, chair of the communication and theatre arts department, Old Dominion University
    • Dr. Melinda S. Meade, professor emeritus of geography, University of North Carolina
    • Dr. Eugene N. Parker, distinguished service professor emeritus in physics, astronomy, and astrophysics, University of Chicago
    • Dr. Christopher Sterling, professor emeritus of media and public affairs, George Washington University
    • Dr. John B. Wilmeth, Asa Messer Professor Emeritus and emeritus professor of theatre and of English, Brown University

Don’t miss out: pre-order Encyclopedia Britannica Noet Edition for just $99.95 today. Time is running out–place your order by February 19!