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If you’re interested in studying classical antiquity, philosophy, Judaica, biblical Greek, or literature, Noet has the perfect Research Library for you. And, when you order your library by December 31, you can save 20%. See all libraries now!

If you’re wondering what exactly a Noet Research Library is and how it transforms your study, see for yourself.



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Noet’s smart study tools and libraries of hand-selected texts are designed to help you:

Save time

Your Noet Research Library is a database of information. You can search you entire library, a specific series, or book for a word, phrase, or topic. Your books link together, so references link to source texts, letting you jump between works with ease.

Writing a scholarly paper? You can cite your sources automatically, make searchable notes and highlights, and upload your own papers.

Plus, with the Noet app, you can put your library on your mobile devices. Your books, notes, and highlights can go where you go. Start studying the philosophy of Wittgenstein on your iPhone on the bus, then pick up right where you left off on your laptop at home.

Wittgenstein Highlights

With Noet, you can spend less time flipping through books and more time studying.

Study in Greek or Latin

Even if you don’t know Greek or Latin, Noet can help you read works in their original languages. Greek and Latin gloss, morphology, and lemmas are just a click away. Plus, you can set a primary source to scroll in sync with its English language translation.

With Noet’s smart study tools, your dictionaries connect directly to your original-language works. Let’s say that you’re reading Caesar’s The Gallic War and want to see the English definition of “colloquium.” Simply click on the word and Noet will take you to your dictionary of choice. Here you can find definitions, quotes from classical sources, references and more.


While looking through the entry, does a quote or reference catch your eye? Let’s say that you want to see a quote from Lucretius’ On the Nature of Things. Simply click on it and Noet will take you there.

See historical events in context

Noet Research Libraries include an interactive timeline of world history. Is a date referenced in a book? Click on it to jump to Noet’s Timeline to see other significant events.

Want to see what was happening during a particular era? The Timeline is completely searchable.


With Noet’s Timeline, you can better understand how works across the ages influenced historical events and vice versa.

Discover new connections

Over the centuries, writers have been in conversation with each other. For example, the discussion surrounding freedom of expression can be found in sources as diverse as the Old and New Testament, the ancient comedies of Aristophanes, the poetry of Milton, and the political theory of John Stuart Mill. Homer, Euripides, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Henry James, and others wrote about fate. Plato, Locke, Kant, Wittgenstein and other philosophers debated the nature of knowledge.

Smart Searches

With Noet’s connected library, you can join this conversation like never before. With smart searches and linked books, you can trace the discussion across texts, time, and genre. You’ll be able to better understand the development of ideas, relationships between schools of thought, and how each writer influenced those who came after him or her.

Go deeper in your study

Having a Noet Research Library is like having your own research assistant. Need to find every mention of knowledge in Spinoza’s works? A simple search will pull up every reference in seconds. With Noet, you can spend less time gathering data and more time analyzing it, drawing conclusions, and developing your arguments.

Knowledge in Spinoza Works

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4 Reasons Noet Is the Smartest Way to Study the Humanities

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Explore literary greats, like Austen, Shakespeare, and Dostoevsky with the Literature Research Library (124 vols.), examine the foundations of Western thought with the Philosophy Research Library (152 vols.), and dig into classical Greek and Latin works with the Classical Studies Research Library (186 vols.). Get 15% off today!

With a Noet Research Library, you can:

1. Save time and streamline your workflow

Noet saves you hundreds of hours of research time.

SearchUse Everything Search to find every mention of René Descartes across your library—in primary resources, commentaries, dictionaries, and more—and use Inline Search to find every mention of “reason” or “rationalism” within a specific text. Come across an interesting date? Click on it to open the Timeline and place the event within the context of world history. Want to go further in your study? Click on a citation and go straight to the source.

You can also customize your layout for different kinds of scholarly study. Explore the original manuscript of Homer’s Odyssey alongside the English translation, a dictionary, and a commentary, and scroll them all in sync. Save this template as your “primary source research template,” so the next time you want to do similar study, your workflow’s already set up.

2. Get huge savings

If you’re a humanities student or teacher, you’re probably already spending hundreds of dollars on books every semester, but with Noet, that same money could get you an entire library. In fact, Noet Research Libraries offer about a 70% bundling discount compared to buying individual resources. Plus, they add a whole new level of functionality and interconnectivity not found in other digital resources.

For example, if you purchased all the resources in the Humanities Research Library separately, it would cost about $8,000.00. But with a Research Library, you can get all 469 volumes for $1,699.96—that’s a $6,300.00 difference!

3. Take your intelligent library anywhere

Noet syncs across all of your devices, so your notes, highlights, and resources go where you go. You can start studying Tolstoy on your bus ride home, and then pick up where you left off on your desktop computer. Plus, all of Noet’s books are connected, so instead of reading each resource as an isolated text, you can engage the entire canon.Mobile Library 2

Noet editions aren’t PDFs or page scans; they’re hand-tagged volumes built for researchers. Explore cross-references with a click, dig into original-language usage databases, and find what you’re looking for with fast searches.

4. Enjoy automatic citations

With Noet, all of your sources are automatically cited for you. Just copy and paste from a book in the software into your word processor, and your sources are cited for you in the style of your choice: APA, MLA, AP, Chicago Manual of Style, and more. You can even turn your personal research papers and articles into Noet ebooks, making them searchable, citable, and connected to your other resources.

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